Sunday, July 10, 2016

John Wilmot violin

01-Cape Breton Favourite Jigs.mp3
02-Jig Medley - Orange and Blue.mp3
03-Hughie Shorty's Favourite Jig; Walker Street Reel.mp3
04-The Frost is Over - Jig; Lark In The Morning - Jig.mp3
05-Inverness Jig.mp3
06-Irish Hornpipe Medley; Humors of Donnie Brooks; The Orange Rogue.mp3
07-Long Dance Rose Tree; Seige of Innis; Jackson Morning Bush Jig; King Of The Fairies.mp3
08-Irish Reels; Fallen Jacket Reel.mp3
09-The Woman of the House Reel.mp3
10-Irish Jig - The Maid of Tramore.mp3


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