Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sandy MacIntyre - Cape Breton Fiddle Steeped and Served - Disc 1

01-Tulchan Lodge Strathspey.mp3
02-Jeanette (MacDonald) Beaton's Jig.mp3
03-Yehudi Menuhin's Welcome To Blair Castle March.mp3
04-Kirkmichael Ploughs Slow Air.mp3
05-The Muir O'Gillan Clog.mp3
06-Peter Warner's Jig.mp3
07-John Fred MacLean's Strathspey.mp3
08-Friendly Visit Clog.mp3
09-Caledonia's Wail For Niel Gow.mp3
10-Inverness Gathering March.mp3
11-Margaret Ann Robertson Waltz.mp3
12-Canty Jean Solo Strathspey.mp3
13-John MacFayden Of Melfort.mp3
14-Alex MacIntyre's Jig.mp3
15-A.G. Wilkin's Favourite Strathspey.mp3
16-Toronto Waltz.mp3
17-The Rose Of Denmark Clog.mp3
18-Niel Gow's Style Strathspey.mp3
19-The Shearing Of The Shepherd Jig.mp3
20-Excelsior Hornpipe.mp3
21-Mrs. Robert Petrie Air.mp3
22-The Sound Of Mull Reel.mp3
23-Captain Carswell March.mp3


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