Friday, July 15, 2016

Songs from Cape Breton Island

01-Dan J. Morrison-H‚ Mo Leannan (Hey, My Darling).mp3
02-Malcolm J. MacAulay-Mo H-Ingheann Dhonn (My Brown-Haired Maiden).mp3
03-Singers from Skir Dhu-La La L•, La Luadhadh (With Water, With Milling).mp3
04-Singers from Skir Dhu-An Se•ladair Curanta (The Steadfast Mariner).mp3
05-Singers from Skir Dhu-N Uair Nighidh T— (When You Wash).mp3
06-A girl with her friends recorded at St. Ann's College-A' Challuinn (New Year's Day).mp3
07-Dan J. Morrison-Gaol An T-Se•ladair (The Sailor's Sweetheart).mp3
08-Tom Angus MacDonald-Moladh Na Lanndaidh (In Praise of Islay).mp3
09-Malcolm Angus MacLeod-'S A' Righinn Thu Dhe Shogh (Thou Art Princess of Cheer).mp3
10-John Alex MacDonald-Mo Run, Mo Nighean Dhonn Bh•idheach (My Love, My Pretty Brown-Haired Girl).mp3
11-A group from Briton Cove-Lan I De Dh'Ainneadh (She Is Full of Patience).mp3
12-Captain Fraser Holmes-Flowers of the Forest.mp3
13-Captain Fraser Holmes-I'll Get a Soldier for a Shilling.mp3


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