Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Songs from the Out-Ports of Newfoundland

01-Morris Houlihan-Rolling Home.mp3
02-Mrs. T. Ghaney-The Lass of Glenshee.mp3
03-John Curtis-The Farmyard.mp3
04-Theresa White-The Murder of Ann O'Brien.mp3
05-Jim Molloy-Lovely Nancy.mp3
06-Cyril O'Brien-The Derby Ram.mp3
07-Mike Kent-The Nightingale.mp3
08-Pat Maher-The Story of the Sealing Vessel.mp3
09-Morris Houlihan-The Ghostly Fishermen.mp3
10-Mary Dumphy-The Lost Jimmie Whalen.mp3
11-Alphonse Sutton-Franklin.mp3
12-Mike Kent-The Tree.mp3
13-Jack Swain-Finnegan's Wake, Version 1.mp3
14-Jack Swain-Finnegan's Wake, Version 2.mp3


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