Friday, July 22, 2016

The Successful Hillbilly Era Of Betty Cody 1952-1954

01-Pale Moon (1953).mp3
02-Tom-Tom Yodel (1953).mp3
03-Keep Your Promise, Willie Thomas (1953).mp3
04-Phonograph Record (1953).mp3
05-Keep Your Shirt On John (& Hal Lone Pine) (1953).mp3
06-Don't Stop - I Like It! (& Hal Lone Pine) (1952).mp3
07-O Mama Come Home (& Hal Lone Pine) (1952).mp3
08-You Broke My Heart In 15 Million Pieces (1952).mp3
09-You Can't Feel The Way I Do (1953).mp3
10-Please Throw Away The Glass (1953).mp3
11-The Kiss That Made A Fool Of Me (1954).mp3
12-A Letter I Should Never Have Mailed (1954).mp3
13-Of All The Songs We Ever Sang (& Hal Lone Pine) (1953).mp3
14-Dear Sister (1953).mp3
15-Can You Live With Yourself (1953).mp3
16-Don't Believe Everything That You Read About Love (1953).mp3
17-I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew (1953).mp3
18-Jealous Love (& Hal Lone Pine) (1953).mp3
19-I'm Talkin', Start Walkin' (& Hal Lone Pine) (1953).mp3
20-Tear Down The Mountains (1953).mp3
21-I Really Want You To Know (1953).mp3
22-Heart To Heart Talk (Let's Talk It Over) (& Hal Lone Pine) (1954).mp3
23-How To Get Married (& Hal Lone Pine) (1954).mp3
24-Always A Bridesmaid (1953).mp3
25-You Want More Of Me (Than I Can Give You) (1953).mp3
26-Columbus Stockade Blues (& Hal Lone Pine) (1952).mp3
27-In Sunny Tennessee (& Hal Lone Pine) (1953).mp3
28-I Hate Myself For Loving You So Much (1953).mp3


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