Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dwayne Côté - Introduction

01-Top Of Cork Road.mp3
02-Blue Stocking Clog.mp3
03-Bog An Lochan.mp3
04-Dean Brig O'Edinburgh.mp3
05-Loch Earn Reel.mp3
06-The High Bridge Jig.mp3
07-Mrs. Ferguson Of Rath March.mp3
08-Ledy From Cavan Reel.mp3
09-Auld Robin Grey.mp3
10-Christie Campbell.mp3

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Joe Cormier - The Dances Down Home

01-The MacDonald's March.mp3
02-Miss Anderson.mp3
04-Sou'west Bridge.mp3
05-Dan R.'s Favorite.mp3
06-Come Under My Plaidie.mp3
07-Mrs. Scott Skinner.mp3
08-Clay Pipe.mp3
09-Biodag Air MacThomais.mp3
10-Hillside Echoes.mp3
11-The Marquis Of Tullybardine.mp3
12-The Cheticamp Jig.mp3
13-Miss McKenzie of Ness House.mp3
14-Glencoe Bridge March.mp3
16-Charlie Hunter.mp3
17-Fancy Hornpipe.mp3
18-Archie Menzies.mp3
19-Miss Hutton's.mp3
20-The Earl of Hyndford.mp3

Monday, August 29, 2016

Joe Cormier - Informal Sessions

01-Miss Laura Andrews.mp3
02-Jigs in G.mp3
03-Earl Gray.mp3
04-Silver Star Hornpipe.mp3
05-Mrs. Dow.mp3
06-Farleigh Castle.mp3
09-The Glencoe March.mp3
10-John Roy Stewart.mp3
11-Romp Among The Whims.mp3
13-Mr. Barclay.mp3

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Early Recordings of Angus Chisholm

01-Newcastle, President Grant (hornpipes).mp3
02-Medley of Inverness Jigs.mp3
03-Mrs Murray, The 10 Pound Fiddle, The Baker.mp3
04-Miss Lyall, Brother's Letter.mp3
05-Miss Minnie Foster, Fred Wilson's Clog.mp3
06-Glengarry's Dirk, Bonnie Lass of Fisherow, Bird's Nest.mp3
07-Rothermurches Rant, Braes of Auchertyre, Braes of Glencoe.mp3
08-Moonlight Clog, Hennessey's Hornpipe.mp3
09-Miss Cambell's, Jordie Jig.mp3
10-Lochaber Gathering, Bob Johnson's-March & Reel.mp3
11-Tea Gardens, Mrs McGee.mp3
12-Irish Hornpipe, Marguirite McNeill, Joan McDonald.mp3

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cape Breton Violins

01-Little Jack MacDonald-Our Highland Queen.mp3
02-Angus Chisholm-Glengarry's Dirk.mp3
03-Angus Allan Gillis-Don Side.mp3
04-W.H.(Bill) Lamey-Dr. Shaw's Strathspey.mp3
05-Bill Lamey & Joe MacLean-Dusty Miller.mp3
06-Dan R. MacDonald-The Balkan Hills.mp3
07-Winston Fitzgerald-The Judique Jig Medley.mp3
08-Donald MacLellan-Miss MacLean's Reel.mp3
09-MacLellan Trio-There came a young man to my Daddy's door.mp3
10-Jimmie MacLellan-The Hurdle Race.mp3
11-Angus Chisholm-Medley of Inverness Jigs.mp3
12-Angus Allan Gillis,Dan J. Campbell-Medley of Old Time Wedding Reels.mp3

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Fiddlers of Cape Breton!

01-Colin J. Boyd-Shannon Bells.mp3
02-Elmer Briand-The Margaree Valley Waltz.mp3
03-Angus Chisholm-Glengarry's Dirk.mp3
04-Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald-Teviot Bridge.mp3
05-Wilfred Gillis-Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling.mp3
06-Angus Allan Gillis-Don Side Strathspey.mp3
07-Bill Lamey-Dr. Shaw's Strathspey.mp3
08-Scotty LeBlanc-Lady Douglas of Bothwell.mp3
09-Dan R. MacDonald-Gregg's Pipe Reel.mp3
10-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Road to Arasaig Strathspey.mp3
11-Little Jack MacDonald-Vi's Favourite.mp3
12-John A. MacDonald-Victoria Road.mp3
13-Dan Joe MacInnis-Little Pickle.mp3
14-Joe MacIsaacs-Dawn Waltz.mp3
15-Donald MacLellan-The Wedding Night Jig.mp3
16-Jimmy MacLellan-Frances Cameron's Hornpipe.mp3
17-The MacLellan Trio-Moonlight Clog.mp3
18-Joe MacLean-Donald MacLean Farewell To Oban.mp3
19-Bernie Ley & Joe MacDougal-Betsy Polka.mp3
20-Johnny Wilmot-Cape Breton Favourite Jigs.mp3

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kinnon Beaton - Cape Breton Fiddle 1

01-Delvin House Jig.mp3
02-Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff March.mp3
03-Doug MacPhee's Clog.mp3
04-Rolling off a Log Jig.mp3
05-Leaving Lochalsh March.mp3
06-Traditional Strathspey.mp3
07-Memories of Paddy LeBlanc March.mp3
08-Riding on a Hand-car Jig.mp3
09-Memories of Maggie Bell Gillis March.mp3
10-Duncan Rankin of Rankinville March.mp3

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Omar Blondahl Sings Of Newfoundland

01-The Moonshine Can.mp3
02-Harbour Le Cou.mp3
03-Hard, Hard, Times.mp3
04-I'se The B'y.mp3
05-Kitchy Coo.mp3
06-A Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach.mp3
07-Cape St. Mary.mp3
08-Lukey's Boat.mp3
09-Teapots At The Fire.mp3
10-Feller From Fortune.mp3
11-My Little Blue Hen.mp3
12-Sig-i-nal Hill.mp3

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Theresa and Marie MacLellan - A Trip to Mabou Ridge

01-Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston.mp3
02-Ladies Hornpipe.mp3
03-Sleepy Maggie Medley.mp3
04-The Battle at Glencoe.mp3
05-Margaret Chisholm's.mp3
06-Tam Bain's Slum Hornpipe.mp3
07-Donald Cameron's Polka Medley.mp3
08-The Bell Piano.mp3
09-Ann Marie MacInnis.mp3
10-Factory Smoke Clog.mp3
11-Favourite Hornpipe.mp3
12-The Athole Highlanders' Farewell to Loch Katrine.mp3
13-Mrs. MacArty, Have You a Daughter.mp3
14-Johnny Wilmot's Fiddles.mp3

Monday, August 22, 2016

Willy Desjardine - Fiddlin' From The Heart

01-Mean Fiddle Waltz.mp3
02-Sailor On The Seashore.mp3
03-Winding Stream.mp3
04-Uncle Hanks Jig.mp3
05-Mothers Day Waltz.mp3
06-Petrolia Reel, Angus Campbell, Mittons Breakdown.mp3
07-Nashville Swing.mp3
08-Hill Lilly And Golden Wedding Reel.mp3
09-Ward Allens Breakdown.mp3
10-Tailgate Reel.mp3
11-Farmers Schottische.mp3
12-Daleys Reel.mp3

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tom Doucet - The Down East Star

01-Herrin' Brook Reel.mp3
02-The Still On The Hill.mp3
03-Elvira Polka.mp3
04-Old French Reel.mp3
05-Ostinelli's Reel.mp3
06-Abegwait Reel.mp3
07-Don Messer Medley.mp3
08-Irish Reel.mp3
09-East Tennessee Blues.mp3
10-The Down East Star.mp3
11-Niagara Hornpipe, Tom Marsh's Hornpipe.mp3
12-McDonaugh's Hornpipe, The Jaunting Car Hornpipe.mp3
13-Spellman's Clogs, The Leaves Of Spring.mp3
14-The High Level Hornpipe, Dill Pickles Rag.mp3
15-The Autocrat Hornpipe, The Recluse Hornpipe.mp3
16-Tom's E-Flat Clog, The Banks Hornpipe.mp3
17-The Panhandle Swing.mp3
18-Miss Hamilton's Reels.mp3

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tommy Doucet

01-Temperance Reel Medley.mp3
02-Panhandle Swing.mp3
03-Blue Belles Of Scotland.mp3
04-Tom's E-Flat Clog; Banks; Autocrat.mp3
05-Superior Medley.mp3
06-Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston.mp3
08-Erin Reel.mp3
09-Joanne Reel.mp3
10-Shrips Clog.mp3
11-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
12-Fred Allen's.mp3
13-Irving's Clog; Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
14-St. Lawrence River.mp3
15-Durham's Bull.mp3
16-Decision Reel.mp3
17-Shepard's Reel medley.mp3
18-St. Elmo's Clog.mp3

Friday, August 19, 2016

Earl Heywood - sings Golden Country Hits - 'Canada's Singing Cowboy'

01-Moonlight On The Manitoulin.mp3
02-Let's Dilly Dally Down In Lily Valley.mp3
03-There's An Angel That's Waiting For Mother.mp3
04-There's A New Love, True Love In My Heart.mp3
05-Alberta Waltz.mp3
06-What A Friend We Have In Mother.mp3
07-In The Blue Canadian Rockies.mp3
08-I'll Tell The World I Love You.mp3
09-Picking Flowers.mp3
10-Why In Heaven's Name Do I Love A Little Devil Like You.mp3
11-Broken Down Merry-Go-Round.mp3
12-When I Take My Vacation In Heaven.mp3

Special thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Earl Heywood and the Golden Prairie Cowboys

01-Tellin' My Troubles To My Old Guitar.mp3
02-When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies.mp3
03-Why Must I Wonder.mp3
04-While The Wagon Wheels Of Texas Roll Along.mp3
05-Signed, Sealed, & Delivered.mp3
06-Flat Top Guitar.mp3
07-Loaded Pistols.mp3
08-Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes.mp3
09-Little Ole Poker Face.mp3
10 -I'm A Fool To Care.mp3
11-Your Tears Keep Breaking My Heart.mp3
12-Mountain Of Glory.mp3

Special thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Earl Heywood and his Serenade Ranch Gang

01-I Want A Roof Over My Head And Bread On The Table.mp3
02-A Bad Penny Always Returns.mp3
03-Three Roses And An Orchid.mp3
04-Give Me Wings.mp3
05-Those Beautiful Big Brown Eyes.mp3
06-Circuit Ridin' Preacher.mp3
07-Tears Of St. Anne.mp3
08-Living In The Army.mp3
09-Beautiful Texas.mp3
10-Peter Cottontail.mp3
11-San Antonio Baby.mp3

Special thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tales of the Donnelly Feud - Composed and Sung by Earl Heywood

01-The Donnelly Circle.mp3
02-Three Candles In The Window.mp3
03-They're Gonna Hang Jim Donnelly.mp3
04-Sweet Maggie Thompson.mp3
05-The Fightin' Feudin' Donnellys.mp3
06-The Wedding Of Club Foot Bill.mp3
07-Who Stole Thompson's Cow.mp3
08-Granny Bell (The Fortune Teller).mp3
09-Two Big Brothers - Mike and Jim.mp3
10-The Ballad Of Big Jim Carroll (The Massacre).mp3
11-The Night They Shot John Donnelly.mp3
12-John O'Connor (The Trial).mp3
13-Legend Of The Old Roman Line.mp3
14-One More On Satan's Side.mp3

Monday, August 15, 2016

24 Country Fiddle Selections

01-Graham Townsend-Ice On The Road.mp3
02-Graham Townsend-Little Robie's Jig.mp3
03-June Eikhard-Crooked Stove Pipe.mp3
04-June Eikhard-Sputnik Breakdown.mp3
05-Reg Hill-Lake Kamaniskeg Waltz.mp3
06-Graham Townsend-The Lighthouse Keeper.mp3
07-Graham Townsend-Alex & Maureen's Two Step.mp3
08-Johnny Mooring-The Tarr Waltz.mp3
09-Johnny Mooring-Carol Kennedy Waltz.mp3
10-Graham Townsend-Donnie Gilchrist's Breakdown.mp3
11-Johnny Mooring-Twilight Waltz.mp3
12-Johnny Mooring-The Marion Waltz.mp3
13-Graham Townsend-Fairy Toddler.mp3
14-Reg Hill-Madawaska River Breakdown.mp3
15-Reg Hill-Road To Fort Coulonge.mp3
16-Reg Hill-Uncle John McDermid's Reel.mp3
17-Reg Hill-Allumette Island Hornpipe.mp3
18-June Eikhard-Maggie & Jig's Two Step.mp3
19-Johnny Mooring-The Canadian Centennial Waltz.mp3
20-Johnny Mooring-The Dauphin Waltz.mp3
21-Reg Hill-Pembroke Centennial Breakdown.mp3
22-June Eikhard-Journeyman's Jig.mp3
23-June Eikhard-Maple Sugar.mp3
24-June Eikhard-The Joys Of Quebec.mp3

Sunday, August 14, 2016

24 Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys

01-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Archie Menzie, Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
02-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Little John's Hame, Jamie Hardy.mp3
03-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-The Wonder, Newcastle.mp3
04-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Miss Ann MacCormack, Sleepy Maggie.mp3
05-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Marchioness of Huntly, Miss Maules.mp3
06-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Teviot Bridge, Stool of Repentance.mp3
07-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Duke of Fife March & St. Kilda's Wedding-Reel.mp3
08-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Rolling Off the Log & Green Shades of Gasque-Jigs.mp3
09-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Maggie Cameron Strathspey, Honorable Mrs. Maule's Reel & Archie Brown Reel.mp3
10-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Tarbolton Lodge, Johnnie Sullivan's & Keep It Up-Reels.mp3
11-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Miss Flemming Of Moness Strathspey, Mrs. MacIntosh of MacIntosh & Miss Watt's-Reels.mp3
12-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Lady Anne Amelia Stuart's Strathspey, Wigs of Fife & Susan Gordon's Reel.mp3
13-Dan Joe MacInnis-Caledonia's Wails for Neil Gow, Sportsman's Haunt & High Road To Fort Augustus.mp3
14-Dan Joe MacInnis-Barney O'Neill, Jackson's Fancy & The Walls of Lisearrol.mp3
15-Dan Joe MacInnis-Willie Fraser, Stephanie Marie MacLean & MacKenzie Fraser.mp3
16-Dan Joe MacInnis-March to the Rendezvous, James Wares & Miss Fogo.mp3
17-Dan Joe MacInnis-Brookside & Miss Russell Jigs.mp3
18-Dan Joe MacInnis-Sir James MacInness, Mrs. J. Forbes & Mr. Jamieson.mp3
19-Joe MacLean-Angus & Ladies Delight Jigs.mp3
20-Joe MacLean-Bachelor & Tommie's Jigs.mp3
21-Joe MacLean-Bill Robertson's & Mrs. MacPherson of Inveron Reels.mp3
22-Joe MacLean-Alec McEachren's Strathspey, Lady Glenorchy & Miss Scott Reels.mp3
23-Joe MacLean-Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban March.mp3
24-Joe MacLean-Mike Maloney & Bessie Brown Jigs.mp3