Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Tribute To Don Messer - Record One - Don Messer

01-Messer's Jubilee Jig.mp3
02-The Black Velvet Waltz.mp3
03-Atlantic Polka - Change 1.mp3
04-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
05-Silver And Gold Two-Step.mp3
06-The Rangers' Waltz.mp3
07-Messer's Cross Canada Jig.mp3
08-Soldier's Joy.mp3
09-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
10-Don Messer's Breakdown; Johnny Wagoner's Breakdown.mp3
11-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
12-Red Wing.mp3
13-The Buchta Dancers Polka.mp3
14-Flannigan's Polka.mp3
15-Favorite Polka; By The Fireside.mp3


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