Friday, July 13, 2018

24 Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys

01-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Archie Menzie, Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
02-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Little John's Hame, Jamie Hardy.mp3
03-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-The Wonder, Newcastle.mp3
04-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Miss Ann MacCormack, Sleepy Maggie.mp3
05-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Marchioness of Huntly, Miss Maules.mp3
06-Winston ''Scotty'' Fitzgerald-Teviot Bridge, Stool of Repentance.mp3
07-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Duke of Fife March & St. Kilda's Wedding-Reel.mp3
08-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Rolling Off the Log & Green Shades of Gasque-Jigs.mp3
09-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Maggie Cameron Strathspey, Honorable Mrs. Maule's Reel & Archie Brown Reel.mp3
10-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Tarbolton Lodge, Johnnie Sullivan's & Keep It Up-Reels.mp3
11-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Miss Flemming Of Moness Strathspey, Mrs. MacIntosh of MacIntosh & Miss Watt's-Reels.mp3
12-Five MacDonald Fiddlers-Lady Anne Amelia Stuart's Strathspey, Wigs of Fife & Susan Gordon's Reel.mp3
13-Dan Joe MacInnis-Caledonia's Wails for Neil Gow, Sportsman's Haunt & High Road To Fort Augustus.mp3
14-Dan Joe MacInnis-Barney O'Neill, Jackson's Fancy & The Walls of Lisearrol.mp3
15-Dan Joe MacInnis-Willie Fraser, Stephanie Marie MacLean & MacKenzie Fraser.mp3
16-Dan Joe MacInnis-March to the Rendezvous, James Wares & Miss Fogo.mp3
17-Dan Joe MacInnis-Brookside & Miss Russell Jigs.mp3
18-Dan Joe MacInnis-Sir James MacInness, Mrs. J. Forbes & Mr. Jamieson.mp3
19-Joe MacLean-Angus & Ladies Delight Jigs.mp3
20-Joe MacLean-Bachelor & Tommie's Jigs.mp3
21-Joe MacLean-Bill Robertson's & Mrs. MacPherson of Inveron Reels.mp3
22-Joe MacLean-Alec McEachren's Strathspey, Lady Glenorchy & Miss Scott Reels.mp3
23-Joe MacLean-Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban March.mp3
24-Joe MacLean-Mike Maloney & Bessie Brown Jigs.mp3


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