Friday, July 13, 2018

Cape Breton Violins

01-Little Jack MacDonald-Our Highland Queen.mp3
02-Angus Chisholm-Glengarry's Dirk.mp3
03-Angus Allan Gillis-Don Side.mp3
04-W.H.(Bill) Lamey-Dr. Shaw's Strathspey.mp3
05-Bill Lamey & Joe MacLean-Dusty Miller.mp3
06-Dan R. MacDonald-The Balkan Hills.mp3
07-Winston Fitzgerald-The Judique Jig Medley.mp3
08-Donald MacLellan-Miss MacLean's Reel.mp3
09-MacLellan Trio-There came a young man to my Daddy's door.mp3
10-Jimmie MacLellan-The Hurdle Race.mp3
11-Angus Chisholm-Medley of Inverness Jigs.mp3
12-Angus Allan Gillis,Dan J. Campbell-Medley of Old Time Wedding Reels.mp3


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