Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ned Landry - International Fiddling Champion - Grand Masters Series

01-Cajun Two Step.mp3
02-Governor General's Waltz.mp3
03-Ontario Swing.mp3
04-Abbie Andrew's Calypso.mp3
05-Stompin' Tom Connors.mp3
06-Hillbilly Calypso.mp3
07-Maple Leaf Special.mp3
08-Lumberjack Special.mp3
09-After the Rain.mp3
10-Waltzing in the Garden.mp3
11-Ripple Rock Jig.mp3
13-United Way Special.mp3
15-Roy Acuff's Special.mp3
16-Happy Times.mp3
17-Gary Murphy's Special.mp3
18-Yvon Durelle's Shuffle.mp3
19-Terry Parson's Special.mp3
20-Lord Beaverbrook Special.mp3
21-Vivian and Ivan Hicks Waltz.mp3
22-Kaye's Jig.mp3
23-Cajun Fiddling on the Bayou.mp3
24-Bowing the Strings.mp3
25-Operetta Square Dance.mp3


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